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Litmus has a state-of –art manufacturing facilities to manufacture the given molecule in a reproducible and safe manner. In our facility we manufacture our own products, carry out the job work activities and help in custom synthesis. The manufacturing facility is situated in a well organized industrial area situated at MIDC Lote Parshuram, Maharashtra, INDIA. The unit is well connected by road & rail and the location of the facility offers several advantages that facilitate our production and supply.

The manufacturing facility consists of the following process equipment:

  • Stainless Steel reactors of various sizes ranging from 1000-L capacity to 4000-L capacity.
  • Glass Lined Reactors ranging from 500-L capacity to 4000-L capacity.
  • Fractional distillation set-up with Sulzer’s distillation packing. The set-ups are having  batch distillation still & falling film re-boiler system.
  • Distillation under atmospheric pressure and under vacuum is available.
  • Centrifuges, Tray dryer & Fluid Bed dryer with Stainless Steel contact parts.

The manufacturing facility is supported by:

  • Utilities such as Thermic Fluid Heaters, steam boilers, chilled water unit, chilled brine unit, air compressor, ultra-high vacuum pumps, vacuum ejectors, cooling tower etc.
  • Back up powered by diesel generator so that the manufacturing activity for key reactions is supported for 24 h by generator back-up.
  • Disposal of effluent is well connected to common effluent treatment facility run by MIDC. After secondary treatment any waste if generated is treated in CETP.
  • Analytical area is equipped with Gas Chromatogram (GC), HPLC, Karl Fischer etc.